Sweet Sewing Treat

My precious little needle keeper!
My precious little needle keeper!

My friend, Laura Teer, surprised me with the cutest little needle and pin keeper.  Not only is it useful, but it was a great way to use some gorgeous vintage fabric.  The fabric looks, to me, like it is from the ’40s.  Sweet little posies in a retro color scheme.

With the dedication of a room to all things sewing, crafting and blogging, I moved my sewing supplies from the laundry room to the opposite end of the house.  I don’t know about you, but it seems I do a lot of mending and/or button reattachment each week.  I have missed having a needle, thread and a few pins close by.

A dot of Velcro keeps your pins and needles safely stowed away.

This folding heart is the perfect size to keep in near my closet.  On one pin I will keep black thread, and on another white.  For most quick projects, I will be ready to go!

I searched Pinterest and found a pattern for this little cutie (click here)!  There are also several other styles and patterns from which to choose.  Search for Needle Book Pattern (or Tutorial) for inspiration.

So pretty and useful!
So pretty and useful!

These useful items are a great way to use fabric remnants, fabric from old or unused clothes, or lace handkerchiefs.

Thank you, Laura!  This was the perfect gift from one sewing friend to another!


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