Four of the five tubes I received.
Four of the six tubes I received.

I saw these lip stains demonstrated on TV one day while I was in a waiting room. They looked pretty easy to use, so I thought I would try them.

When I found them on, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were. For under $4, I received six tubes.

The set included peach pink, rose red, cherry red, sexy red, sweet orange, and watermelon red, which were predetermined colors that the customer can not choose.

To use them, you apply the gel to your lips, let it dry, then peel off the congealed gel. Voila, you have a colorful lip that can be worn alone for a natural affect or covered with gloss for the look of lipstick.

Ingredients in this brand of lip stain.
Ingredients in this brand of lip stain.

The gel goes on much darker than the resulting stain, so don’t be alarmed if your colored lips looks more like the color of a glass of burgundy wine rather than watermelon red.  Once the gel is removed, the results are lighter in color.

The beauty behind this product is that through the day your lip color remains on your lips. Eating, drinking and time, theoretically, shouldn’t diminish the color.

For me, this product was two thumbs down. I was not good at applying the gel, so I got uneven coverage, which resulted in uneven staining. The product has a strange taste which lasted as long as I had stain on my lips. The stain wore off on everything it touched…lunch napkin, glass rim, etc.  The latter didn’t bother me as much as the taste.

I asked two colleagues to try them as well.  Both ladies didn’t care for them.

It is a novel concept, but at this point (or at least with this brand), it still needs some refinement.


Have you tried this or any lip stain? If so, what was your experience? Did you like it? Please share!

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