Mother’s Day Menu

Be sure to set a pretty table for your mom.

For the best Mother’s Day menu, plan to purchase or cook all of your mom’s favorite foods.  You can’t go wrong!

My mom loved to eat anything she didn’t have to cook.  So anything I made was happily consumed.  One of her favorite dishes was a chicken casserole that had water chestnuts and green beans in it.  That plus a salad and homemade cake would have been perfect.  Two bonuses to this menu:  (1) It will feed several family members, and (2) there will likely be leftovers to leave with mom!

If you are looking for something more elaborate, how about:

First Course

Spring mix salad with sliced strawberries, candied pecans and champagne dressing

Main Course
Salad dressing chicken (Click here for the recipe)
Homemade mashed potatoes
Roasted asparagus
Hot buttered rolls

Grandma Price's Cake. easy, delicious, and moist.
Grandma Price’s Cake. Easy, delicious, and moist.

Third Course
Grandmother’s Cake (Click here for the recipe)


First Course
Carrot soup

Main Course
Slow cooked pot roast with carrots, onions and new potatoes
Hot buttered rolls

Third Course
Coconut cream pie

No matter how you plan to celebrate your mom or other mother figures, I am sure they will be most appreciative.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Menu

  1. I am going to have to try the chicken casserole it sounds yummy! You must tell us about your wooden lion in your dining room!

    1. Hi Kristi! I bought the lion several years ago at Fran Yates antiques in Mt. Vernon, Texas. I collect lions (I am a leo), so I had to have this one when I saw it! It has blue and yellow marbles for eyes and is made of a solid piece of wood. The teeth are sharp!

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