Cinco de Mayo Celebration


This Saturday is Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the 1862 defeat of the French by the Mexican Army at the Battle of Puebla. It is a great opportunity to indulge in some delicious Mexican food (of course everyday is a great day to do that) and to celebrate the Mexican culture which is such a big influence in Texas.


If you are ever going to have a party, this is the time! If you don’t cook, it doesn’t matter! Call your favorite Mexican food restaurant, and place an order. Serve Mexican sodas, sangria, and Mexican beer. Set out tons of chips and lots of great salsa. Go basic with enchiladas, rice and beans or go fancy with shrimp ceviche, chicken Monterrey and grilled veggies.


If you are having kiddos at the celebration, be sure to have a piñata. Come to think of it, if you aren’t having kiddos, have a piñata anyway! The adults need some fun, too!


Play Mexican music.

Decorate your dining area with bright, mixed colors. If you don’t have Mexican throws or ponchos, use what you have. A bright tablecloth, bright, mix-and-match dishes, and a bright mixed floral arrangement will set the stage. Dine in or out…or both. If using your outdoor area, place garden torches around to light up the area.


Have a relaxed, casual gathering with plenty of food and drink, and your Cinco de Mayo party will be a hit!


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