The Real Corn Dog

Archie chewing on a corn cob.
Archie chewing on a corn cob.

So it was Friday night, and our plan was to cook and eat at home.  Mike and I each had our own duties for cooking the meal.  Mike made it home first and started to clean the fresh corn that we were going to boil.

Mike washed and dried one ear of corn and put it on the cutting board.  He turned to the sink and washed the other ear.  When he turned back to place it on the cutting board with the first ear, he saw that the first ear was no longer on the board…nor was it on the floor.


He noticed Archie in the dining room chowing down on the missing ear of corn!  Apparently it had rolled off the cutting board, and Archie the opportunist had nabbed it!

Archie loves carrots and likes apples and oranges.  Now we can add fresh corn to his list of favorites!

Please note:  It is not advisable to let your dog eat a corn cob.  A piece could break off and choke the dog or  obstruct his throat or colon.


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