Memorial Day Menu and Tablescape

For some weird reason, when I should have pulled out the Easter decorations, I actually decorated my table for Memorial Day.  After I had finished my masterpiece, I said to my husband that I had the wrong decorations out.  He smiled and said he wondered what I was doing.
The moral to this story is if you do crazy things everyday, then when you don’t intend to do something weird, it will still appear normal to your family.
I quickly did a “do over” and the house was filled with Easter and spring decor.  In hindsight, it was a good thing.  Now, my house is torn up, and I have no kitchen.  If I had not briefly decorated for Memorial Day, I would have missed the patriotic celebration all together this year!
Even though my decoration are not in the center of my dining table (I think the dining table has been shoved into the study), I still have placed a few red, white and blue items around my house.  It seems I am sticking to a basic theme this year – homemade quilted table runner, large white coach lamp with candles and small items that carry the holiday.  I usually don’t decorate in a formulaic way, but I haven’t used my runners in a few years, and I really like the lantern, which was a gift from my in-laws.
For our Memorial Day menu, we are serving grilled hamburgers, chips, and beans and all the trimmings.  Usually potato salad is on the menu, but this year I don’t think I can get it together.  For dessert a lighter fare is in order, either miniature apple pies or small lemon tarts with strawberries and blueberries on top.  Both to be served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.
Memorial Day is a wonderful day to spend with family and friends.  Normally it is enjoyed outdoors since, in Texas anyway, it is usually not too hot yet.  Wherever, however and with whomever you choose to spend your Memorial Day, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Please take time to reflect on the sacrifices so many Americans have made in order to protect us and our country.
I wish I had photos of a lovely meal and wonderfully decorated table.  Sadly, meals are not going to look that great for a while, so please bear with me!

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