Binge Watching


I know I am not alone in my addiction to binge watching Netflix. For that matter, I have binge-watched DVDs (at one point I donated to PBS and received the upcoming season of Downton Abby on DVD before it was shown in America – total binge-worthy!)

When I walk on my treadmill, I love to watch something on my iPad so that I can listen on headphones in order to drown out the noise of the machine. Amazon Prime, Craftsy and Netflix are my go-to for binging possibilities.

I have walked my way through Father Brown, Midsomer Murders, The Crown, Versailles, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Grand Hotel (although I often had to rewatch in order to read the subtitles), Gossip Girls, Gilmore Girls, Inspector Lewis, Inspector Morse, and the list goes on. I have watched movies that I have never heard of and ones that I had forgotten I wanted to see. Little Women referred me to Bright Star. Versailles referred me to the Duchess and Marie Antoinette. All Agatha Christi shows, Murder She Wrote and Frasier, when watched one after the other, make you feel like you moved away from good friends once you have finished watching the series. Do you get homesick for the characters once you have finished watching?

It may take a few years, and hundreds of thousands of steps, but I think I may watch all of Netflix at some point. My list of shows to watch continues to grow! I know that Longmire is in my future as is Call the Midwife. I like to participate in step competitions, so I have many hours on the treadmill ahead of me!

Have you binge watched shows? If so, what are your favorites?


If are a new Meghan Markle fan, I highly recommend Suits on Amazon Prime.  I just started watching this last weekend.  It is great for binge watching!

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