Bats and Fireflies

A beautiful summer night. The bats love to circle the pine tree on the right at dusk.


I am enjoying the most beautiful spring night.  House lights across the water are making dancing reflections on the lake.  The full moon is illuminating the bats flying in the last light above the pine trees. The fireflies create mystical sparks in the woods next door and across the canal.

When you stop and think about it, fireflies are a magical insect.  No wonder they ignite the imagination and wonder of small and large kids alike.  Think about it.  Insects that can create a brief spark of light.  That is a million times better than sparks created in the mirror of a dark room when you bite down on a spearmint Lifesaver.  You know you have tried it!

A campfire is the perfect setting for ghost stories!
A campfire is the perfect setting for ghost stories!

I remember stopping at a restroom around White Sands, New Mexico, with my nephew when he was young. There were bats all around the restroom. He was amazed!  His eyes were big and sparkled with intrigue.

What is it about these nighttime creatures that create such allure?  Watching the bats tonight, I did find myself covering up my neck!  Just as if a vampire might show itself!

Isn't this an amazing sky?
Isn’t this an amazing sky?

When you think of fireflies and bats, what do you think of?  Did you catch fireflies and put them in a jar when you were young?  We did a couple of times;  of course we hoped to have glowing insects to light the night from then on out, but we all know how that ended.


So I hope we all have a wonderful spring and summer full of bats, fireflies and all things magical!  Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we can’t be Peter Pan and Wendy every now and then!

Did I forget to mention the UFO?
Did I forget to mention the UFO?




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