A very traditional font style.
It is no secret that I am an Anglophile and royal watcher.  As much as I love Kate, I am even more smitten with Meghan.  Maybe it is because she is an American and relatable.  I just love that she is comfortable in her own skin.
A practice sheet from my very first calligraphy class.
She has been very public with the way she paid the bills while auditioning before she landed a regular role in an ongoing series.  If you don’t know, it wasn’t anything bad.  It was by being a calligrapher.
The best way to practice is to calligraph poems, notes, the Greek alphabet, your shopping list, etc.
When I was little, my mom would let me take summer learning classes.  Of course sewing and calligraphy were my favorites.  Both have been recurring themes in my life.
This card gets inserted in an envelope to aid in keeping lettering straight.
Later when I lived in Bowling Green, Ohio, and was director of the adult continuing education classes, calligraphy was one course we offered.  I couldn’t resist taking the class, which was a joy.
A practice sheet from my instructor, Elmer Girten.
Calligraphy is one of those old-school sort of art forms that is often overlooked these days.  Nowadays if someone wants a beautiful poster or envelope addressed in calligraphy, it is as simple as changing the font on the computer or Cricut.
From place cards and art to envelopes and notes, calligraphy is a useful skill.
If you receive a hand calligraphied (or even a hand addressed) envelope, you know something special is inside before you even open it.  That is what makes Meghan’s modern enjoyment of calligraphy such a rarity.  I do hope that hand calligraphy becomes a growing art form rather than a dying one.
Practice makes perfect. These attempts are not perfect!
There are so few things in our modern society that take time and patience.  Where computer generated letters may be the equivalent of McDonald’s food, hand written calligraphy is more of a homemade, gourmet meal.
My certificate from Mr. Girten’s calligraphy class at Bowling Green State University.
If you haven’t tried your hand at calligraphy, it really is fun.  You can put your own spin on it, so after learning a few basic techniques, you can create your own style.  There isn’t that big of an investment to make to try it for yourself.
Practice pads, pens and ink are the only investments to learn calligraphy. The Internet offers lots of free learning resources.

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