Lakeside Living

With the SS house a bit torn up for the kitchen updates, we are staying a the lake house a great deal.  For me, it feels like a big vacation because there aren’t any projects to be completed.

I am hopefully learning to take more of a casual “lake attitude” about life while hanging my hat there more often.  So what is different?

Archie lounging outside.

1.  I sit more often, usually with a cold drink in hand if outside.

2.  Every time I go outside, I spray on my lavender, all-natural bug spray.  It has actually worked quite well.

3.  We eat less, preferring a tall glass of water to a bag of potato chips.

A platter hibiscus looks lovely in the sunshine.

4.  We hangout outside more.  The neighbors are outside, and everyone knows each other.

5.  All meals are cooked outside on the grill, and many are eaten outside.  That keeps the house cooler and cleaner.

6.  It is easier to keep the house straightened because we have less stuff with us.  We only have the essentials, so we don’t have to clean, maintain, put away, store, etc.  all the other useless things we own!

Deer enjoying the neighborhood.

7.  Fireworks and dogs don’t mix.  Our first Westie, Max had no problem with fireworks, gunfire, etc.  We just discovered that Archie is afraid of fireworks.  He ran for the house when the pyrotechnics began.

8.  There is nothing as comfortable as a soft t-shirt and a great fitting pair of shorts.  Add a cap and tennis shoes, and you are dressed for the day!

9.  A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone!  Yep, there will always be a bit of dirt tracked in the house.  At a city house this would be quickly met with dustpan and broom, but at the lake…we can clean it tomorrow.

10.  Your senses are awakened with the sounds of catfish jumping, birds singing, and dogs barking.  The smell of rosemary, clean laundry, and lake water come together in perfect harmony for a delightful aroma.  And the sights are different.  We have seen a red fox, rabbits, bats and lots of spiders.  The sun setting behind the tall pines and cedars is amazing, and the full moon acts like a nightlight for the neighborhood.

I am enjoying my new lake life.  It is simple, slow and a nice change of pace.  See you on the water!

Lots of lounging at the lake.

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