Two weeks ago was particularly long and stressful.  It got worse as the week went on.  Nothing bad actually happened, as in everyone survived the week.  It just seemed fraught with issues, complications, and challenges.

On Friday, the 40 minute drive to the lake was welcome as it allowed me to think through the day.  It was raining, which makes me feel uneasy; I don’t like to drive in inclement weather.  Slowing down allowed me more time to think.

As the drive continued, I saw a bit of a rainbow in the northeastern sky.  A few miles later, the other side of the rainbow revealed itself in the southeast sky.  Only the top of the arch was missing.  It was lovely.

As I went farther down the road, a second rainbow appeared above the original one.  It too was in two pieces, but more subtly shaded than the lower rainbow.


By the time I took my exit, there were two complete rainbows in the sky.  The lower rainbow looked as if it were made of neon lights as the sun shone on it.  The upper rainbow was still more subtle, but clearly visible.  At this point, I had to pull over to take a photo.

The photos do not represent the coloring and beauty of the sky and rainbows which I saw first hand.  They were amazing to see!  I don’t think I have ever seen rainbows more brilliant, vivid or prominent.

What the rainbows reminded me of was the fact that it takes rain to get rainbows, so maybe a stressful week makes way for a calm week.  I do know that my spirits were lifted by seeing the rainbows unveiled before me.  How could the natural beauty of a rainbow not change my attitude?

We all know that rainbows have pots of gold at their ends, so somewhere in the East, some lucky folks must have found lots of bright and shiny gold coins!

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