The Best Bed Sheets

Do you have a favorite brand of sheets?  I have been on the search for many years to identify my favorite.  So far I have some good sheets, but I am not sure I have found the perfect sheets yet.  You know…the cool, soft sheets that make you want to stay in bed for a few more hours!

I have tried everything from Walmart, JC Penney, Sam’s Club, Ralph Lauren, Pine Hill and Brooklinen.  Bamboo, Egyptian cotton , Pima cotton, linen, jersey, and woven have been in my test pool.

Walmart sateen sheets have been surprisingly nice.   They wear well, are available in a variety of colors, and are a good value for their cost.  They aren’t as soft as some sheets, but they will do.

The managers at my Oklahoma rentals like the Sam’s Club sheets and J C Penney sheets.  Durability, softness and fit are all so important at rentals, especially durability!

Ralph Lauren sheets have never impressed me.  I love the comforters and duvet covers, but the sheets always feel stiff.

In general, I also have not been pleased with the sheets that come in bedding sets.  Typically, they are not soft, although they look good with the coordinating comforter and bed skirt.

I am fond of the Pine Hill brand sheets.  They are pricey, especially when you have to purchase each item individually.  They hold up well and have cute details.  I particularly like the linen pillowcases.  They stay cool and comfortable especially during the summer months.

We have been having issues with our fitted sheets.  They tend not to fit!  Mike, being a Army vet, has a thing for a well made bed.  I haven’t caught him bouncing a quarter off the sheets, but I am sure he does!  The saggy, wrinkled sheets were not only unsightly to him, but tended to have a pea under the mattress effect…he could feel it, and it was uncomfortable.

My sister mentioned she had heard that Brooklinen sheets fit well, so I gave them a try.  They too seem pricey to me, but if they hold up to weekly washings, they will be worth it.  We have been using them for several months now, and they are soft, fit the bed well and are comfortable.  On Brooklinen’s website, they explain the difference in the weave of the sheets they sell.  One seems to be cooler for the summer and the other better suited to winter.

We tried bamboo, jersey sheets during the winter.  They were, soft, comfortable and durable.  They did sag, which bothered Mike more than me.  They have been temporarily retired.

What I wish I could find would be thick, cotton sheets like we used when I was a little girl.  I guess they don’t make those anymore!

I would also like to try Boll and Branch sheets.  Have you tried this brand?  If so, please let me know if you liked them.

What do you look for when you buy new sheets?  Do you have brands and styles you would recommend?

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