Vintage Christmas

My grandmother’s Christmas corsage.

Vintage Christmas items seem to be so hot right now.  I am not sure if it is the whimsical décor featuring rosy-cheeked Santas, happy felt elves, or snow men on pipe cleaners, or that we all long for the simple, wholesome Christmas that we enjoyed as children.

Little bits of my childhood Christmas.

I enjoy putting out the same decorations that my mom used to use.  Santa made from punch cards, a foam tree, and a stuffed, life-size Santa make me happy.  I just wish I had the molded plastic carolers and tinsel tree that my parents had when I was little.

Santas of all ages! The toilet paper roll Santa was one I made in elementary school. My mom loved to wear the one on the upper left; pull the cord and he lights up!

Every year when I decorate my tree, I always place a small Christmas corsage that my grandmother wore on her coat somewhere in the greenery. It now adds a bit of nostalgia to my mostly modern tree.  It is probably not large enough for anyone to see, but I know it is there!

Not only were these gift tags velvety, but also flocked!
They are so cute I can’t use them! I want to keep them all!

For some reason, my mom hung on to a few beautifully wrapped boxes, and I still have some vintage gift tags that are too cute to actually use!

A pretty package from long ago.

If you didn’t inherit vintage Christmas items, you can easily gather items for yourself.  EBay, garage sales, and antique stores are great sources of affordable finds.  Collect what you enjoy or what you remember from your childhood.  You name it; you can find it!!!

Cute, vintage decorations for gift packages!

If you have vintage Christmas cards, don’t throw them out!  They are a treasure trove for crafting. Use them on packages (cut out the pretty motifs from the front) or frame the front of the card for wall hangings.

So many vintage Christmas decorations were made in Japan or Germany. That must have been exotic at the time!

So here is to the childlike joy that this season brings to mind.  Here’s to warm mittens, hot mugs of apple cider, and wonderful old Christmas tunes.  I have particularly been enjoying the Christmas songs sung by Elvis!

A box of old ornaments.
A well-appointed snowman.
That was made in Japan!
Small bits and pieces are fun to add to packages, lapels or empty votives.
A box of old dusty ornaments.
That were made in Occupied Japan.
A sweet corsage still in the box.
Such a pretty face.
Vintage Christmas decor has to include a bottle brush tree.
This small wreath was used but returned to its box each year for safe keeping.
Another small piece from years gone by. It could have a new life on a package or Christmas tree. It would even work as a bobeche for a beautiful candle and candlestick.
I love these little elves! Too bad one lost his head!
My aunt had some of these in a very small version. I am not sure what happened to them. I bought this one on eBay.
I love this homemade Santa!
Yep! This is my sister and me…just a few Christmas’s ago.


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