They’re Back: Patterned Socks

One of my older pairs of socks…way back to college days!

This is a flashback to the late 1980s…patterned socks. For the last two years, one of the stocking stuffers I have given my family is patterned socks. I look for socks that go with an occupation (teacher/librarian/nurse) or a hobby (hunting/camping) or maybe something they like (dinosaurs/driving/skunks/pirates).

Stripes are always popular!

Back in the day, I had quite the assortment of Christmas socks, Mickey Mouse socks and other fun socks. Strangely, I still have a few from my youth. I have added some fun ones such as pink roses, gray fair isle, navy polka dot, and more Christmas socks (who can ever have enough?).

Nice warm socks are always welcome!

Since penny loafers and lace up brogues are back, it is fitting that the socks that went with them would be back as well. One of my favorite stores in Park City, Utah is the sock store, All About Socks. It is the source for my stocking stuffer socks. But they are also readily available on, Happy Socks, and retail stores near you.

Socks and more socks!

Do you fold your cuffs over each other to keep them together or do you insert one sock inside the other?


Funny story: Over the summer, while on vacation, I had done laundry for myself and the boys. Later in the day, we were all dressing to go out. One son said he couldn’t find his socks. I had tucked one sock inside the other, and he thought it was only one sock!

Of course I have to have a pair of lion socks!

So perk up your shoes with a pair of fun, patterned socks. They make a fashion statement and a conversation starter!

Oldies, but goodies!
It is always festive to have a holiday sock!
Dots and roses make quite a fashion statement.
Small repeating patterns liven up a basic pair of gray socks.

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