Practical and Stylish Kitchen Utensils

A few months ago I was browsing through a gift shop in a nearby town. They had the coolest silicon kitchen utensils in the dreamiest colors. Shades of vanilla, blue, gray and sage green created a lovely mix of colors for the kitchen.

I purchased a spoonula (spatula/spoon) in a creamy vanilla color. I liked it so well that I went back later to get more, however there weren’t any left. When I made my purchase, the store had removed all the tags, so I didn’t know the maker. I carefully examined my spoonula and found that it was made by Zeal.

After an internet search, I found them on I purchased a few more utensils. They are durable, practical and beautiful. Right now I am channeling a softer more mellow color palette for my house, and these fit right in.

Prices vary depending on the color and product, but they seem to range from $8 to $12 for each piece.

The same company produces all sorts of fun gadgets from tongs with silicon hands on the end to duck bill tongs. If you are into bright colors, they offer items in those colors as well.

They offer silicon hot pads and baking mats as well as all sorts of useful utensils. I ordered a little bit of all of them because it was time for a kitchen refresh!

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