Kitchen Reno – Teaser

A bit of the backsplash above the range.

If you regularly read the blog, you know that back in May I started updating my kitchen. My cabinets were not well made, so they had to be replaced. From there, I needed new appliances, counter tops, flooring, etc.

I would have hoped to be finished by now, but I haven’t found the perfect 2 x 2 inch accent tiles for the kitchen backsplash. I only need 12, but they are elusive!

I have 12 matching holes around the kitchen backsplash. Ugh!

So for now, I thought I might give you some teasers! I hope you like the total package once complete. I surely do!

It is lighter and feels more open, even though I kept it a separate room. On occasion, when you have a caterer, it is nice to be able to keep the kitchen a bit more closed off.

New flooring. It looks better in person than in this photo!

Oh, and I am making a new kitchen curtain. I have decided on the Roman shade roller clutch type, but I want to add a remote control lift. My husband selected the fabric, which is a Tommy Bahama pattern. We will see how it all comes together!

Until then….

The cabinets. Whohoo! They are actually attached to the wall.
New appliances! Now if only I could loose the streaks on the stainless steel.
New countertops. I wanted something with movement and sparkles. This stuff fits the bill!
New light fixtures! And, no more popcorn ceilings. Big improvement. Except, I think I see dust on the light bulbs.

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno – Teaser

  1. So far, everything looks fabulous! Can’t wait for you to see the completed kitchen. I’m still in the “thinking and planning” stage. So many choices to make and so much to choose from!

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