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Praying Boy by Banksy, located at 537 Main in Park City, Utah

If you are into street art, you are probably familiar with Banksy’s work.  Banksy is a famous street artist/gorilla artist/graffiti artist whose work sometimes makes a political statement.  Although his identity is unknown, there are several theories as to who he is. He is thought to be from Bristol, England and born in 1974.

Camera Man and Flower by Banksy located at 402 Main, Park City, Utah.

We enjoy seeing the Banksy pieces that are in Park City, Utah.  Apparently Banksy painted seven pieces while he was in Park City for the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which was shown at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.  Only three of those works still remain; two are on display and one is in storage.

Radar Rat.

Park City has secured the longevity of the Banksy pieces by covering them in plexiglass.  Some of the pieces were immediately painted over by the property owners after being found.

While in Miami recently, we went to the traveling exhibit of 80 of Banksy’s pieces.

Flower Thrower.
Flower Thrower. Banksy tends to replicate his artwork with just a few changes. This is a black and white version of Flower Thrower on a box top.

One of Banksy’s famous pieces of art sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2018 .  Girl with Balloon brought $1.37 million before self destructing.  The lower frame concealed a shredder which after the sale began to cut the painting.  Search for “Girl with a Balloon Shredding” for videos and photos of the piece.

Girl with a Balloon.

Banksy’s style incorporates stencils.  It allows for him to quickly paint his designs so that he isn’t caught defacing property since it is illegal art work.  He often replicates a work making small changes.  Some works are screen printed.

Monkey Queen.

The exhibit in Miami runs through February 28.  If you don’t make it to Miami, you might want to check out his work in Park City, London or other cities around the world.  Of course, photos of his pieces can be found on the internet.

I hope you enjoy!

Stop and Search.
Grannies. Notice the slogans on the sweaters they are knitting.
Di-Faced Tenner.
Keep It Real.
Banksy at work.

Forgive Us Our Trespassing was painted by LA school students and completed by Banksy.
Detail of Forgive Us Our Trespassing.
Detail of the ramp at the entrance to the exhibit.

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