I have used several different types of cell phone and tablet chargers through the years; some good, some not so good.  My latest favorite is myCharge’s HubMax.

There are several things I love about this charger.  First and foremost, it holds its charge and will charge your phone about six times.  But the design is also part of what I love.  It has a lighting cable as well as a micro-USB cable built in as well as a USB port.  In addition, the wall plug is built in so that you don’t need to carry a single cable with you.  It is self-contained, making it the most convenient charger I have ever owned.

The myCharge has charging cables built in.

myCharge also makes a charger for Samsung, Google and other smartphones as well.  They offer several different sizes at different price points, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Other chargers that I have owned and liked are the Omaker and the Brunton Torpedo.  The Omaker holds a charge for a long time.  My nephew uses his when he goes hunting because it lasts and will charge a phone multiple times.  It has two USB ports, so it can charge two devices at once.  It also has a built in flashlight.

Back of the myCharge with the built in plug.

The Brunton Torpedo is also convenient since it plugs into the car’s lighter, and it too holds a charge for a long time.  It has two USB ports as well as a place for a micro-USB.  It kind of looks like a torpedo, thus the name.

If you are new to myCharge, you can sign up for a discount on your first order.  Though more expensive than most chargers you will buy, it is worth it.  With the built in cords, convenience and dependability, you will be glad you have it.

The convenience of the built-in charging cables makes myCharge great to keep in your purse or take with you when you travel.

What chargers do you like?

As always, if I have been paid to endorse I product, or in anyway benefited, I will indicate such.

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