Inspiration for Valentine’s Table Decor


A homemade meal for your sweetie is one of the most romantic expressions of your love.  Whether the meal is simple or complex, it will surely be appreciated.

The meal is only part of the romantic experience.  A candlelight table makes the perfect setting for a relaxed evening.  Try something a little different to show your Valentine that you went out of your way for him or her.

This year, I have decided to go with a pink and red theme accented with gold touches and maybe a few surprises along the way.

Using an old set of dessert plates that feature a floral centerpiece surrounded by gold filigree and edged in a creamy monochromatic relief pattern as inspiration, I set to work digging through my china cabinets for pieces to mix in.

Detail of the relief and gold filigree.


My Noritake Troy is a plain bone china with gold lines, which juxtaposed the highly ornate dessert plates.  Adding in a red charger plate and red water glasses created a couple of pops of color.  A pink tablecloth brought out the pink flowers in the center of Adams Antique by Stuebenville  dessert plates.

A close up of the center of the Adams Antique plate.

To add a bit more gold to the setting, I added in my crystal stemware with gold trim, Jamestown Gold by Mikasa.

The finishing touches came from silverware, candles and fresh flowers.  You could almost throw a frozen pizza on the plates and it would look nice!

Inspiration for a lovely table setting can be found in random pieces of china that you inherited or found at an antique store or garage sale.  Goodwill is also a great source.  Your local gift shops may have cute heart shaped or Valentine’s Day plates to mix in with your everyday china.

For a bit of whimsey and color, I added these butterflies by Baccarat.

I also love to look at the advertisements for sites like  They mix and match some gorgeous place settings.  If you feel a bit intimidated by mixing and matching, it really is easier than you think.  Pick an element that exists in the pieces you are putting together.  Maybe it is gold or silver trim, ivory or white china, or a color.  Use some opposites such as formal/informal, ornate/plain, or small/large pattern.  Just like with an outfit, a splash of color never hurts!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  I hope it is a wonderfully romantic day for you.  By the way, if you are enjoying Valentine’s Day solo, go ahead and set a pretty table and enjoy your favorite homemade meal.  Turn on some great music and enjoy!

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