A Tasty Valentine’s Candy

Y’all this stuff is good and addicting!  But it is also hard to find.  A lady in my office discovered these last year. Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers candies are heart shaped jelly beans. They taste great and are healthy (well at least they are made with real cherry juice and are high in vitamin C).

The candies are nine mixed cherry flavors such as cherry vanilla, cherry cola and kiwi cherry.  All are amazing!

They are larger than a typical jelly bean, which makes them easier to handle and hold in your hand.  And they are so good you will want to have a pocket full as you run through your day.

Cherry Lovers are available on Amazon.com, but the ones I have found on there are expensive.  You may want to check Walgreens and local grocery stores.  I purchased some from groovycandies.com  They throw in a free pair of bell bottoms (just kidding, but I couldn’t resist)!

I am not sure if these are available only at Valentine’s or all year.  They are so good that I hope they are available all the time. ❤️




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