Call it the Tube, the Underground, or the subway; whatever it is, it is pretty fun to ride and convenient to get around London.

I recall my first ride on the Tube, back when I was in high school.  I recall not wanting to sit down on the dirty seats (in my memory, they were covered in orange fabric).  I remember being nervous about getting around and getting lost.

Since then, I have become a fan of the Tube.  It is so easy to use.  When my nephew and I went to London when he was 10 years old, I would tell him where we needed to go and let him figure out how to get there.  He did a great job!

There are sights to see, art on display, cool tile works, art deco details, modern stations, and lots of stairs, elevators, escalators and corridors.

There are old stations and abandoned stations.  One time, my friends and I saw a couple of bobbies apprehend a guy, very civilly, in a tube station.  No running, no yelling, no guns.

Price and I met for the Jack the Ripper tour at a station at midnight.  We stayed in a hotel across from a station on one visit and found it to be the most convenient location for a hotel!

Do you notice the contradiction here? This, of course, is the station near the Sherlock Homes Museum.

Bombs and bad guys have made me second guess traveling around London on the Tube.  But, a trip to London without riding the Tube is not really a trip to London.

Entrance to a station.

So, I plan to continue to “mind the gap” for a good many years to come!

I love Charing Cross Station.

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