St. Patrick’s Day Dining Table

My St. Patty’s Day table is simple, but gives a nod to Ireland.

If there is ever a time to have a bit of fun with your tablescape, St. Patty’s Day is one of those times!  After a quick inventory of what I already own that would work, I made a run to my local resale shops to see what they had that would work with what I have.

For added interest, a guest’s name could be embroidered on each napkin.

I have loads of green stemware and this is the perfect time to use them.  In addition, I have some Irish linen clothes that would be perfect in the dining room.

At the resale shops, I didn’t find much.  But I did come away with 7 dessert plates for just a few dollars.  On eBay I found some green glass charger plates and a vintage small square linen tablecloth with shamrocks and harps embroidered on it.

The detail on this vintage tablecloth is charming.

I am happy with the results.  There is a nod to St. Patty’s Day without creating an overwhelming display of all things Irish. The green and white color palette is elegant.

A long time ago, a friend who is 30 years my senior told me that you have to change up the way your dining table looks. You can’t just use the same dinnerware over and over.  It helps to keep your guests intrigued.  I do know that I am a visual person, and pretty things to look at hold my attention more than bland and blah things.  So I feel like a few dollars and some extra effort in the tablescape is probably well worth it!

For a bit of color, I added bright flowers to liven up the table.

Now for the piece de resistance, the food will be the star of the show.

For an appetizer, I plan to serve mini shepherd’s pie, each the diameter of a traditional sized muffin.

For an entree, I will do a riff off a traditional Irish boxty.  If you are unfamiliar, a boxty is a bit like an enchilada.  Instead of a tortilla, the filling is wrapped in a potatoe pancake.  The filling may be any type of meat and cream sauce.  I plan to use crepes filled with chicken and cabbage and covered in a chicken tarragon cream sauce.

Green glasses and stemware can be so versatile. Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and summer gatherings are the perfect time to use them!

For dessert I will serve an Irish apple cake with caramel sauce.

The most important part of the meal will be the good company and conversation you will have with your friends and family.  Make plans now for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17.

P.S. – Please pardon the wrinkles in the tablecloth. I had hoped they would fall out, but sadly they are holding a crisp press better than a box pleat skirt!

And my table is very old, so it does not have a flat top.  It is more the shape of the mattress that Fred and Ethel (from I Love Lucy) were sleeping on when they had to tuck their nightshirts in to keep them from rolling into the middle of the bed.  I believe Lucy called it a canoe!

It is also very narrow, so I always have to keep my table decorations to a minimum since the point is to eat.  If I had too much on the table, guests would have to dig for their flatware and might run the risk of foliage on their plate!

This guy finds his way on to every St. Patrick’s Day table!


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