Wanderlust – /, ˈwändərˌləst/  noun  A strong desire to travel.

I unabashedly admit that I have wanderlust.  Have passport, will travel.  Want to go to France?  Sure!  Want to go to Malta?  Sure!  Want to go to Arkansas?  Sure!

My affinity for learning leads me straight to travel.  What better way to learn about our world or a specific culture than to travel there!  Planning a trip to a new locale means you have to research the area.  Where to eat? What to wear?  What are the local customs and etiquette?

What makes choosing where to travel so difficult is that there is so much to see and do in this world!  Where do we go first?  Or do we repeat a favorite trip?

Aside from a trip to Park City, Utah (a must on your travel list and a repeat for Mike and me), my next trip with my nephew is shaping up to be to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Not a part of the world of which I know much, so research is even more important.  Especially since I am not familiar with the local customs, and I do not want to be careless with my actions.

Later this year we are planning a trip to the Piedmont region of Italy.  We will have local connections, so a great resource to find out what to do and see, but still another opportunity to learn.  This will be my first trip to Italy, although Mike has been before.

So on those rare occasions that I get to daydream, it is very likely I am dreaming of my next trip!  Wanderlust.

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