Nothing Like an English Pub


Taylor Walker Steak and Ale Pie served at the Stanhope Arms in London.

I am not a bar scene kind of girl. However, a good pub, with lively people and good food is totally my thing!  Maybe this post should be titled Nothing Like a European Pub or maybe UK Pub, because not only have I enjoyed pubs in England, but also in Scotland and Ireland.

This wallpaper makes one feel like they are in a library…except for the pinball machine on the left!

So, why have we Americans not adopted this local neighborhood hangout?  Not only could it be a sort of Cheers, with a focus on food, but it could be a vital part of the community.

This fish and chips was served at The Horse and Groom in Windsor.

What I have noticed when eating in a pub is that everyone knows each other.  The barkeep greets guests by name, and the pub goers greet one another by name.  In  some instances, the preferred food and drink is set before the diner as soon as they sit down.  One Irish pub my nephew and I had lunch in was so communal that the crowd stared us down when we entered.  We were not regulars!

An interior photo of The Horse and Groom.

I have witnessed pub goers share news of other pub goers, share their love of the local sports team, and share their life stories.   Pubs don’t tend to have music, so the entertainment seems to be talking to one’s neighbor.

A wonderful Irish pub.

Think about all the great names!  The White Lion, the Nags Head, St. James Tavern, the Crown and Thistle, the Merry Sailor.  A cool name alone would make it work!

Irish stew served at McGann’s Pub.

Now, of course I am an Anglophile, but I really do think we are missing something.  So all you local entrepreneur types…my vote is for a pub. Name it what you want – the Stars and Stripes or Wildcats’ Den or the Bluebonnet and Squirrel or something else totally local – but a great pub full of funky wallpaper, intimate seating and dark wood, that serves good food is just what we need!

Pub nachos served at Tolbooth Tavern in Scotland.
A Scottish pub.
The interior of the Tolbooth Tavern.
Pub nachos served at Hairy Lemon in Dublin, Ireland.
A shrimp salad served at Pete’s Pub in Dublin, Ireland.



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