Stylish Food: Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Citron tea leaves from My Tea Bar in Kendall, Florida.

Mike and I were having an iced tea at My Tea Bar at The Falls in Kendall, Florida recently when a family asked the clerk what tea was good to induce a good nights sleep.  I expected the answer to be camomile, but instead the clerk said rooibos.

After an amazing iced tea made with rooibos citron tea, lemon juice and honey, we had to buy some to take home.

Rooibos, pronounced (ROY-boss) is a tea that has been around for centuries in Southern Africa.  Recently, it has become popular in the US.  It goes by other names such as red tea and red bush tea.  It is actually an herb which contains no caffeine.  It is usually consumed with milk and sugar.  At My Tea Bar, we had it cold with lemon and brown sugar which was divine.

The clerk went on to say that rooibos tea was good for skin and heart health.  I think she listed other healthy benefits as well.  I decided to do a bit of online research as well to see if the claims were verified.  Depending on the source, rooibos tea did have several health benefits.

My tea bar (as in my personal tea bar) at home.

Heart health, cancer prevention, and lower cholesterol seemed to be the most commonly cited benefits that were documented through research.

Tea steeping.

I did like the fact that I learned rooibos contained no oxalic acid, which contributes to kidney stones.  That is a concern for my husband and his family, so that is a big benefit for those who suffer from kidney stones.

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