More Good Finds for the Kitchen

A few more products that I rely on each week to make my time in the kitchen more useful.

I don’t know about you, but I have never filled the rinse container on my dishwasher…until now.  Be it Jet Dry, Cascade Rinse, or any other brand, I have now become an addict!  I would not run my dishwasher without the rinse.  Not only does it seem to make the dishes cleaner, but it also stops the etching (or at least I no longer have etching on my glassware).  Maybe it is all in my head, but I really think the rinse makes a difference.  I keep a spare bottle on hand so that I  don’t run out!

I have so many nice hot/cold beverage containers, such as Yetis, that I really don’t need more.  However,  Mike and I  were at a gift shop attached to a winery a few months back.  His eye noticed a beautiful blue hot/cold wine container with lid and straw.  He had to have it.  I then noticed the same one in my favorite shade of pink.  So, we are styling with our Swig drinkware.  I have never put wine in it, but I drink hot tea in it once or twice a day.  I love it because it is beautiful, but more importantly it lets me slowly enjoy my hot tea.  I don’t have to guzzle hot tea down so as to keep it at the proper temperature.  I can sit by the fire, read a book and sip my hot tea. Pure joy!

Williams-Sonoma dish soap sets have been a favorite of mine for a bit.  They make great gifts, look good on the counter, and the pleasing smells make you smile as you do your work.  For the kitchen, my favorite are the sets with the dish soap, hand soap, and hand lotion.   They come in a nice chrome caddy that keeps them in place and handy to the sink.

There are also smaller nice sets with dish soap, counter spray and hand soap.  I like the counter spray because it freshens the smell of the kitchen when you use it.  These are a must in my kitchen!

As always, I have not been paid, nor received any benefit from endorsing these products.  I have, however, reaped the benefit of purchasing and using these items!

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