DMA’s Dior Exhibit

A beautiful dress in the entry to the Dior exhibit.

After seeing the Queen’s wardrobe and Princess Diana’s clothes on display in palaces and castles in Europe, I was intrigued to see how the Dior exhibit, currently on display at the Dallas Museum of Art, would stack up.  It did not disappoint!

Even the hallway leading to the exhibit was decorated in Dior designs.

From entry to exit, there were amazing clothes displayed in engaging ways. The showstopper was the runway in the middle of the exhibit…a long walkway flanked by three elevations of designs on either side. At the end was a wall of magnificent creations rising to the ceiling.

A fitting end to the runway!

The various designers who have served at the helm of Dior each had an area to showcase their personal style. The displays were arranged chronologically, starting with Dior, of course.  There are almost 200 outfits on display.

Some of the pieces reflected a famous piece of art. Here you see a coat and a Monet that mirror each other.

There are interesting finds in every nook and cranny!  From a receipt for a coat made for Marilyn Monroe to a video of how a Dior handbag is crafted, there is a bit of history or design to interest all sorts of visitors.

The detail of the garments is exquisite!

Dior had his design drawings made in cotton muslin from which he would choose which designs went forward to production.  The display of muslin toiles was breathtaking in that the designs stood on their own, without the pattern of fabric hiding the cuts, folds, pleats or seams.

The cotton muslin toiles that Dior had sewn from his sketches.

My least favorite of the designs were from the 1990s, but they are also the pieces that stick in my memory.

John Galliano was the head of the House of Dior from 1997-2011. His designs are over-the-top and memorable!

Dallas and Dior have a history.  Dior first intercontinental  travel was to Dallas in order to receive an award from Neiman Marcus in 1947.

Some of Dior’s early designs.

The exhibit, Dior:  From Paris to the World, will call Dallas home until September 1, 2019.  Even if you aren’t into clothes, the exhibit is still interesting. Many of the creations are pieces of art.

Some of the recent creations on exhibit.

After the show, one must stop at the DMA gift shop to enjoy the many books, postcards and framed sketches related to Dior available for purchase.  For the sewing enthusiast, or those hoping to be one, there are sewing kits and instructional books for purchase.

This book is available at the gift shop, but I already owned it!
The guidebook gives details of the designs as well as a bit of history. Two postcards and the exhibit tickets are behind.
Beautiful detail of a raffia embroidery on a fringed dress.
A cotton guipure lace close up.
The lilies of the valley embroidered on this dress were Dior’s signature flower.
A lovely creation.
A gorgeous scene.
One of my favorite dresses. I wish it were hanging in my closet.

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