The Old Fashioned Taste of Violets

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The lightly sweet, mildly floral taste of violets has turned into one of my favorite flavors.  Choward’s makes amazing candy and gum.  Now, this is not a taste for everyone.  I have shared my find with a few friends and coworkers…some like, some don’t.

What I like, in addition to the taste, is that these items are not as sugary tasting as many modern candies.

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Chowards has an interesting corporate history.  It was founded in 1934 in New York by Charles Howard under the corporate name of C. Howard’s Company, Inc.   The original product was a small square candy that was violet scented called Choward’s Violet.  They later added violet gum, followed by spearmint, lemon and peppermint.

These candies and gums are great to have on hand for a quick refresher or bit of a sugar boost. They also are a good breath freshener!

I purchase Chowards on, but they are also available on the C. Howard’s website.

Please note:  I was not paid nor did I receive any benefit from sharing this information.  I am sharing this because this is a product that I enjoy!

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