My Love of All Things by Michel Design Works

Available on, a lovely gift set.

There is rarely a company’s products that unilaterally appeal to me, but so is the case with Michel Design Works.  Be it soap, calendar, candle, hot pad, drawer liner, rug, tableware, etc., their creative and fashionable images soothe my soul.

Who couldn’t use new oven gloves and hot pads? (

I have used their products off and on for years.  However, this is the first year that I purchased one of their country calendars.  It is bound like a hardback book, with a ribbon placeholder.  The pages are sprinkled with vintage clip art and quotes about the season, which makes the calendar engaging.  It provides plenty of space for managing a busy schedule, although it does not have an hourly breakdown.  I tend to use the Michel Design Works calendar for personal appointments and my spiral bound soft back calendar with hourly breakdown for work.

This soap looks divine! (

I had noticed a beautiful display of soaps and towels while at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden gift shop in Coral Gables, Florida.  Once I got home I did a bit of research and found what I needed on  If you have a local gift shop that carries Michel Design Works, then you are in luck!  There is a store locator on the Michel Design Works website.

So pretty! Available on

For my sister’s birthday, I purchased a set of hot pads, oven mitts, liquid soap and kitchen towels to spruce up her kitchen.  That is the sort of thing that we don’t always want to spend money on but that most of us could use.  Of course, then I wanted some for myself…along with placemats and napkins that have butterflies on them!

This dishtowel is a charming print. (

Michel Design Works has several patterns/themes from which to choose and which are ever evolving.  Each theme offers soap, candle, lotions, dish towels, etc. which coordinate. They have gifts for the holidays as well as designs that would suit any decor.  The quality is good, and the designs are fashionable.  Check the brand out for all of their offerings.

Michel Design Works offers a little bit of everything. (

No promotional fee was paid for this post, nor were any products provided for the author’s review. I am just sharing a brand that I like!

Cute little condiment bowls which are available on

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