Make-Up Winner and Make-Up Maybe!

Available at Juvia’s Place or Ulta.

From time to time I watch make-up videos…although by looking at me you probably can’t tell it!  Recently, I had a young make-up afficianado tell me to watch Jeffree Star, Dominique Sasche and/or Tati Westbrook on YouTube for make-up hints and application advice. I had asked where she learned all her tips and tricks.

I watched a bit of Jeffree (I am coveting his pink custom car).  From him I learned about Juvia’s Place I Am Magic foundation make-up.  I ordered a tube from Ulta.  Now I can hear you saying you would never buy make-up online…how do you know you have the correct shade?  I have it much easier than most; I always buy the palest shade, and it always matches my skin!

So far my take on Juvia’s Place I Am Magic foundation is that it really is full coverage.  It covered a scar on my chin with just one pass when applied with a wet sponge.  However, it shows stippling from the texture of the sponge, and it doesn’t seem to set.  After application and powdering, I put my glasses on.  A few minutes later I took my glasses off and where the nose piece touched, there was no make-up.

I have tried applying the Juvia’s Place foundation with a make-up brush; it goes on nicely, but it still shows stippling.  I have also mixed it with a couple of other liquid foundations to see if that helps the texture.  It doesn’t, but the good news is it still retains its full coverage.

Before I make a final call on this one, I want to practice some more.  I think my difficulties are probably user error!  So if you are a novice, such as myself, be aware this one may present some challenges.

Available from

On to my real winner…Nanoblur by Canadian lab Indeed!  This was something that Dominique Sachse mentioned to camouflage large pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  However, I find that it also prevents my T-zone from getting shiny during the day.  Maybe that is part of the light diffusing technology, but that is what makes this product a real winner for me!

I took it to work, and a colleague put some on her upper cheeks just to see how it went on.  She noticed that she had no shine later in the day.

A few weekends ago I saw some friends from college.  A couple mentioned that I had no wrinkles…of course I knew I diffused what they saw!  Now I think I may start smearing this stuff all over my mid section!

This product will be a keeper!  Dominique says it is available at her local Walgreens, but she is in Houston, Texas.  My local Walgreens (and CVS) either didn’t have it or I couldn’t find it.

The overall good news is that if you were never really taught how to apply make-up or if you don’t know the latest (I have learned to bake*!), there are lots of great resources available online for free.  I try to look for vloggers* who are around my age or for specific techniques that I am trying to learn.  I surely don’t want to end up as a “make-up don’t” on someone’s blog!

Do you have any go-to make-up products that you can’t live without?  If so, please share!

* A vlogger is a video blogger.  Baking is setting your make-up with lots of powder so that it doesn’t move during the day.

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