Celebrate Summer!


What is it about our childhood memories of summer that can never be eclipsed by our adult reality of summer?  Okay, so maybe the fact that we didn’t have work or school during three months was part of it, but I have come to the conclusion that it is just a state of mind.

This past week, our one-day holiday for Independence Day fell on Thursday.   Although I mentally had wished our day-off fell on Friday, it really wasn’t such a bad deal.  Work 3 days, off a day, work 1 day, off 2 days.  If only every week were like that!

Saturday, Mike and I pretended it was July 4.  We sat by the pool, sipped sweet, cold drinks, and grilled out.  We enjoyed the shade of the porch, the heat of the sun as well as the refreshing coolness of the pool.  We even tested out Archie’s swimming skills.  (He is a good swimmer, but did NOT enjoy the experience.)

It made me wonder why every Saturday isn’t celebrated like a holiday?  Poolside in the Summer, fireside in the Winter, hayrides in the Fall, and picnics in the Spring would be a great way to celebrate all year long.  I guess the bigger question is, “Why do adults take life so seriously?”  Life seems to be as short as a childhood summer, so it deserves a bit of fun!

In answer to that, I am putting zinc on my nose, water wings on my arms and am about to holler, “Last one in is a rotten egg!”  See you in the pool!

Additional Information:  What to serve when sitting poolside?  Have plenty of cold water and lemonade available.  Sweet peach tea is also a favorite at our house.  Cold fruit salad is a refreshing option or 1 inch cubes of watermelon.  Ice cream (homemade, of course) or freezer pops are welcome ways to beat the heat.


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