Nailed It…Not Really!

The inspiration!

One of my favorite things to do is make up recipes or recreate recipes.  Even with baking, I am usually pretty good at this.  This time, though, I blew it!

When Mike and I are in Miami, we love to go to a tea shop named My Tea Bar at the Falls which is a shopping mall.  They offer hot and cold tea, tea accessories, tea leaves to take home and brew, and a few snacks.  On one visit, matcha scones were available.  Mike and I each ordered one to go with our tea.
Matcha is the ground version of green tea.  The Japanese use matcha in the traditional tea ceremony.
The scones were a mint green color dotted with white chocolate chips.  It was good and not too sweet – the perfect accompaniment to a cold fruity tea.
It all seemed to be okay when I started the scones.
Back at home I tried to recreate the scone.  And yes, it was an epic failure.  Mike said I should have looked on the internet for a recipe, but where is the fun in that?!?
The end result had three problems:  the color changed when baked so that it looked like a chocolate scone (or worse); I used too much matcha, so it tasted bitter; and I used baking soda instead of baking powder (I know better, but I wasn’t being mindful!).
Looks more like avocado scones, if you ask me!
Mike and I both tried to get past the color change to enjoy the scone.  Two bites in and we both gave up!
Of course, the recipe has now became a challenge for me!  There will be a second attempt or as many as it takes to nail it!   When I do, I will share.
Sadly, they darkened as they cooled.

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