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A few years ago, on a train from London to Scotland, I was introduced to the game of pickleball.  My nephew and my train companions were a lovely couple from Florida.  They said they were active pickleball players.

The name of the game, pickleball, was unusual, so it stuck in my head.  I thought I would never hear of it again.  However, last night I played a bit of pickleball in Sulphur Springs!  I must admit I enjoyed it.

Pickleball was invented in the US in 1965.  If you want to know more history of the game, including the origin of the name, then check out the website for the USA Pickleball Association (https://www.usapa.org/).

Years ago I tried tennis.  It ended with a torn muscle, big bruise and terrible limp.  Thankfully both went away along with my desire to play tennis!  Although I was never good at tennis, I do remember a bit of how to play.

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Pickleball is a bit like tennis (the USAPA website states that it is a cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong) .  Locally it has the added benefit of being played indoors (air conditioning…now we are talking!).  It is played on a smaller court than tennis with paddles that are more like ping pong paddles rather than rackets.  The ball is much less bouncy, similar to a whiffle ball.  There is a net, a court, and sides, but there is less running around.

Of course, I have not mastered the scoring yet, but the other players have that under control.  I just enjoyed the fact that it is one more way to get in some exercise while still enjoying the air conditioning!

If you live locally and want to give it a try, a group plays at the First Baptist Church’s ROC on Mondays.

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