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Ladurée, the French bakery, tea room and restaurant, is more than just a purveyor of delicious macarons.  Ladurée also offers make-up, cotton scarves, wash clothes, make-up brushes, vanity sets, make-up bags, etc.

Ladurée also has published several books on French cooking, French living, and entertaining.  It was through reading one of the books that I discovered the other offerings.

The non-food items are available on the Ladurée website as well as other online stores such as eBay.  I have not tried the make-up,  but the other items are just so cute that they are irresistible!

I love to carry a handkerchief and the Ladurée cotton scarves are whimsical, practical and large.   They can be used for a variety of purposes from dressing up an outfit, using as a napkin, cleaning up a spill or tying up one’s hair.  Even though it is not intended to be a handkerchief, in my purse it serves a dual purpose.

The little make-up cases are adorable.  I had a difficult time choosing between a pink or turquoise one.  I ended up buying the pink one.  The zipper pull is one of those famous Ladurée macarons…if only it were the real thing!  I use small bags such as this to separate and contain items in my purse.  One bag for lipsticks and make-up, one for keys, one for pens, notepaper, etc.  Different sizes, shapes, and fabrics make it easy to find which bag you need while driving or in a  dimly lit restaurant.

I also own a set of the make-up brushes simply because they are pretty!  With the bristles in fun colors such as blue, pink and purple, make-up application seems more enjoyable!  And the large handles are easy to grip.  Ladurée offers white or pink brush holders to attractively display them on the vanity.   Add a pretty little matching handled mirror and your make-up area will look like you are in France!

I have yet to try the make-up, room spray, nightgowns, robes, slippers, or candles, but it all looks lovely in pretty packaging.  As with a Ladurée restaurant, the company understands how to present items attractively.

Laduree’s brands include:  Tea Ladurée, Ladurée Secrets, Beauté, Les Merveilleuses Ladurée.


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  1. Oh how sweet and pretty! I can’t wait to take a peep at their website for all the lovelies. I love to carry a hanky or cloth with me too, just in case. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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