A Great Destination


Imagine yourself in a dark street glowing with small lights lining the streets.  Imagine that street cloaked in snow-capped mountains.

The smell is piñon wood.  The unmistakeable smell of piñon wood.  Once you smell it, you will always recognize it.

The flicker of the fireplace flames creates a glow on the sidewalks.  Every restaurant, condo and roof top garden has  a gas fireplace.

Bronze statues catch the twilight and capture your attention.  Statues of miners, native Americans, and great grizzly bears surround the glowing streets.

Shop windows beckon with art, winter gear, and the allure of yet to be discovered items.  Be ready to spend lots of money on the unneeded, but oh so wanted, items.

The feeling is so intense, but the words to articulate it don’t  exist.  This place is magic, mystery, and allure rolled into one.  It has a glow.

You hear jazz music, diners, rebel rousers and vacationers soaking up the fun and frivolity of the town.

Looking up you see trees adorned in white lights turning them into Christmas trees.  You see gorgeous homes, i.e. large bungalows , each a different color of the rainbow and spanning from ultra modern or French Colonial to small intimate cabins.

The Egyptian Theatre is a well-preserved performing arts venue that is part of the Sundance Film Festival. It is a real treat to see a performance in such a beautiful setting.

Outdoor activities of every kind, spanning every season, begging you to join them.  Walking, biking, skiing, or just enjoying nature seems to be the goal for the day.

The most perfect and imaginative designers created this wonderland amidst the beauty of God’s creation…making nature even more spectacular.

Communities of gorgeous, rustic yet modern lodges are perfect for summer getaways and permanent residency alike.

My friends, my paradise is Park City, Utah.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit, you must.  Nestled in the Saskatchewan Mountains is this small, high-end hamlet.  The restaurants are first class; the retail stores are offering exactly what you need; and the art will let you take this magic home.

Park City is 35 miles east of Salt Lake City.  It hosted the 2002 winter Olympic Games and has several training courses for the US Ski Team.  The Olympic Games area is a great place to tour and enjoy!

Be sure to see what is scheduled for the Egyptian Theatre and other events calendars.  Drive on over to Sundance and ride the ski lift or take in the movie magic.  Don’t forget to look for the Banksy artworks on Main Street.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Park City, I highly recommend it.  There are many great places to stay; my favorite area is on Main Street in town.  Now is the time to plan your fall vacation to see the aspen trees in all their splendor.  Or maybe wait a bit for a vacation highlighted by the snow capped mountains.



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