Casa Regis

The yellow building is Casa Regis.

My recent trip to Northwestern Italy was in order for me to see Casa Regis, which is the brainchild of Mikelle Standbridge.  It is a very old, ornate villa in Mosso Santa Maria that is being rehabilitated to serve as an artist retreat.

Such an interesting building that has served a number of purposes through the years.

I think any artist in residence at this villa will be inspired to write, draw, paint or dance like never before.  Imagine falling asleep in a house built in the late 1700s with your last sight before closing your eyes being an ornately painted ceiling.  How inspirational!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to the view?

If a bit of writer’s block sets in, a stroll around the garden or through the village would clear one’s mind.  Need inspiration for a painting?  One can merely look out the window for a vista worthy of a masterpiece.

The garden as seen from the second floor.

The opening date for artists to be able to work at Casa Regis is not far off.  But the organizers are still in need of funds in order to complete the renovation and preservation of the large villa.  To give you an idea of the space, the non-profit association that Mikelle created around the villa has produced a video, created a newsletter and Facebook page to inform the public of the project.  They also have a Kickstarter campaign underway, which is in need of support. Click here to see the video and learn more about the campaign and project.   With just 10 days to go, now is the time to show our support (and Mikelle says even very small contributions are very helpful and each donations has a reward attached to it!).

A very ornate railing which leads to the entry door.

This is a really interesting structure with a long heritage.  Its new use will breathe new life and purpose into the villa.  What a great idea!

A magnificent ceiling!

For more information on Casa Regis, visit the website by clicking here.

Religious artifacts are evidence of the last inhabitants.
The kitchen.
A cherub overlooks the entry hall.
An Art Nouveau ceiling indicates when it was painted.
The railing around the center garden fountain.

Link to the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.


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