Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton candy grapes!

I finally found cotton candy grapes, and they did not disappoint!  They look just like a green, seedless grape, but smell and taste like cotton candy.  Not that grapes need to be any sweeter, but it is an interesting novelty and one more way to get people who don’t like fresh fruit to try it!

Once you bite into the grape, the mild cotton candy flavor, backed up by a mild grape flavor, hits your tastebuds.  Unlike the real deal, this cotton candy flavor is not overpowering.  A person can eat a handful of grapes without feeling like they overdosed on sugar.

I love to bake grapes and serve as a side dish.  I ate the entire bag of cotton candy grapes, so I don’t know if the flavor would bake out or not.  Once I find some more of them I will test it out and share my findings.

Until then, enjoy your cotton candy (grapes) and feel good about it!

Bonus Information:  I found cotton candy grapes at Market Street in McKinney.  They were $4.99 a pound.

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