All You Need to Know About Dragon Fruit

A dragon fruit.

My local Brookshires is now selling dragon fruit, so I just had to try it!  Dragon fruit is a mildly flavored fruit about the size of a large lemon.  It may be hot pink (red) or yellow in color with green scales.  The pulp is white or red and contains black seeds.

Dragon fruit peel very easily.

Its flavor is described as a cross between a pear and a kiwi.  The outer shell is easy to cut through and can be peeled off the pulp by hand (a bit like a banana peel or orange peel).  It has no pit.

It can be used sliced or diced in fruit salads, salads, fruit plates, and the like.  I think it would be great served sliced with mildly-flavored cheese and crackers.  Because its flavor is mild, you won’t want to serve it with other foods that overpower it.  Half of the outer shell cut length-wise would make a cute serving bowl for a small side of fruit salad or chicken salad.

A lovely presentation.

Dragon fruit is a good source of magnesium, iron, and fiber, but only has about 270 calories per average-sized fruit.  This tropical fruit is native to Central America and Mexico.

This unusual fruit will be a crowd-pleaser with your family and friends!

The tiny seeds in the pulp of a dragon fruit.

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