Time to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

The decade old project.

A decade ago my nephew asked if I would turn his college t-shirts into a quilt.  Of course, I agreed so he provided me with a large selection of shirts from which to choose.

The tub of t-shirts and a book on how to make one have languished in a stack of projects yet to be completed.  I have decided that now is the time!

Oiled and ready for action!

My friend also had a t-shirt quilt in her queue of projects, so we decided to have a staycation/quilt retreat.  She, being wiser than I, will be making a throw for her grandson.  I foolishly am attempting a queen-sized memento of greek and college life.  I hope I will be able to finish the entire thing in the week that has been set aside.  Even if it is not quilted (one of the final steps where the three layers are sewn together), I do want it pieced (the first step where all the t-shirts and fabric pieces are sewn together).

The fabrics and stabilizer have been purchased, the quilt retreat dates have been set, and the layout has been decided.  All that is needed now is several hours of cutting, ironing, sewing, and crawling around on the floor to put it all together!

I think I need a t-shirt that says, “I made a t-shirt quilt and all I got was this stinking t-shirt.”

The only thing is I may have waited too late to make the quilt!  My nephew is getting married and his bride may not have a place in mind for it.  Oh well, maybe they can have picnics on it or hang it in their party barn.

Of course, now my mind goes to making them a wedding quilt.  At the rate I am quilting, they would get it in time for their first child (to go to fourth grade!).

I will share the final result.  In the meantime, wish me luck!

Fabric selections.


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