Stellar Star Fruit

My local Brookshire’s is knocking it out of the park!  They have star fruit!

Not only is this fruit tasty, but it is so cute when cut!  Imagine serving your family this beauty!

Here is the low down on star fruit.  Their real name is carambola. They smell like candy.  They are juicy like a plum.  They have a texture similar to an apple or pear.  They taste a bit like an apple or pear.  They have seeds like an apple.  And, they grow on trees like a banana.

To prepare to eat, first, choose a ripe star fruit.  Look for yellow with edges of green.  Wash them well since you will be eating the skin. Cut the edges of the five (or six) star points off the fruit.  Then cut off the ends.  Now you are ready to slice them. I like to cut them about 1/4 – 1/2 “ thick which makes it easy to see the seeds.

Other than eating it raw (which is so pretty!) on its own or adding it to a fruit salad, it would also work well in a fruit salsa or green salad.  It can also be juiced.

Nutritionally, it is high in fiber and vitamin C.   Somewhere I read that it may have the same interactions with some medicines as does grapefruit.  So, if you think you might have issues, you may want to consult your doctor before trying.

These are so cute!  Serve these on the side of the dinner plate, on the edge of a glass, or as a fun shape in a fruit salad… your family or guests will feel like stars!

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