Holiday Greenery

A fresh arrangement of rosemary, cedar, juniper and holly look cheery in the Santa mug and help to brighten the kitchen.

Fresh flowers are a treat anytime of year, but fresh greenery is particularly beautiful in a home this time of year, with or without the addition of flowers.  If you have access to a holly bush, rosemary bush, cedar tree, pine tree, blue spruce tree, or pine cones you are in luck!  These items can be used to make your home and dining table extra special for Christmas Day!

My supply of greenery gathered from the yard. Be sure you keep the stems in clean water.

Two boughs of holly or  cedar can be placed over a mirror to create a lovely, simple adornment in a bathroom or hallway. Add a red bow of satin ribbon in the middle and no further decoration is needed.

A merry island centerpiece.

A dough bowl filled with branches of greenery look perfect in the middle of a table or kitchen island.  Dough bowls are so popular right now for home decorating, why not give yours a holiday lift?  I like to line my wooden bowl with foil and then plastic wrap.  I attach floral water tubes to each branch so that it stays fresh longer.  A few Shiny Brite ornaments would look good in here as well.

Just three branches create this lovely bit of decoration in the butler’s pantry.

A small Santa planter filled with greenery adds a bit of Christmas cheer to my range.  Small and simple, it looks perfectly at home.

A close-up of all the gorgeous greenery. The holly berries add such lovely color as do the juniper berries.

Don’t forget to add some greenery to your dining table.  You can make a fresh arrangement of branches or make a table runner of the branches, interspersing votive candle holders down the center of the table.

A bouquet of greenery adds height and color to a Christmas table.

These quick and easy arrangements of greenery cost nothing but a bit of time, but they add so much to the Christmas splendor of a home.  Why not give it a try?

Floral water tubes can be purchased on or craft stores.



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