Binge-Worthy Viewing

I love binge-watching new found shows.  Miss Fisher, The Crown, Father Brown are all shows that I don’t mind watching straight through an entire season (over and over).

I am a late-comer to some binge-worthy shows that I found on YouTube.  Anything with Lucy Worsley is amazing.  She is a British historian that makes history interesting for us non-historians.  I had seen one of her shows, Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber, somewhere so when I found her on YouTube, I was excited.

I had been watching a program about Highgrove House where Prince Charles and Camilla live.  I guess YouTube decided that I might enjoy If Walls Could Talk, a series by Lucy Worsley.  From there, I tried to watch everything I could find that she had moderated.

There are several of her documentaries available to watch.  Please don’t be put off by the word “documentary”;  they are really interesting.  The information she provides is what the rest of us are thinking.  Topics include a bit of everything like wardrobe, housing, beds, cooking, etc.

She even did a series about American history’s biggest fibs, which was similar to her British Histories Biggest Fibs.

Another thing I like about her is that she often appears in costume during the program!  I love the costumes!

Another great moderator is a British architect named George Clarke.  He is known as Renovation Man and has a program series by that name as well as several others.  What I love about the Renovation Man programs is that they follow people who purchase an old historic building, such as a water tower, windmill, gatehouse, stable, etc., during their renovation of the property.  He is also quite cute!

He often has to help the homeowners with either design options and/or prodding them on to finish the project.  In particular, he helps them get real about budgets and timelines.

I would love to renovate a 1600 or 1700 era building, but I don’t know that any exist in my area.  I think I may renovate my dad’s old barn instead.  It is thought to be built in 1951.  Now if only I could get George over to help me!


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