Pandemic 2020

A beautiful day like this normally brings lots of people to the downtown.

My husband keeps mentioning that he hopes people are documenting their local community during the pandemic.   Major media will photograph the big cities, but the rest of us need to document our communities.

An initiative to keep restaurants open and customers fed…delivery or curbside!

On a sunny day a few weeks ago, we drove around and took a few photos.  Normally a gorgeous Spring Saturday in Sulphur Springs has people outdoors enjoying the day.  The Square will be full of kids playing in the star shaped splash pad with their parents seated at a table with a picnic or catching up on work with their computer plugged in to a light post.

The restrooms are even closed due to the pandemic.

This Saturday, other than a few food workers and downtown residents, the Square was bare.   We stopped so that I could take a few quick photos.

Usually these benches are packed with people.

Once we are reopened for business, if you haven’t seen the historic square and downtown, then you must!  It has food, ice cream, antiques and all sorts of other great shops.

Just a reminder that this restaurant is open for everything but eat-in diners.

I hope you enjoy this photo documentary of Celebration Plaza, formally known as Heritage Square.

The flowers are in bloom.
Even with a pandemic going on, this little plant is determined to thrive.
Even the Veterans Memorial has no visitors.
A gorgeous shot of our flag.

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