Get to Know an English Cordial

A few weeks ago we had a Zoom meeting with some of my husband’s coworkers and spouses.  One of the guys, who is English, was drinking orange squash.  He said it was the same as a cordial.

A month or two earlier, I had purchased a bottle of Elderflower Cordial (non-alcoholic) through Amazon.  It took a couple of weeks to arrive because it was shipped from England.  I would consider it a syrup or tea as it is flowers of the elderberry bush steeped in water and sugar.  It is very similar to lemonade but made with other fruit or, in this case, flowers.  To drink, you just add more water and serve over ice.  I loved it!

The definition of “cordial” contains two definitions that are pertinent to this discussion, and they can get confusing.  Cordial is another word for liqueur.  It also means a fruit-flavored sweet drink that is non-alcoholic.  One source specifically stated that it is not a syrup!

A bit of research on Amazon (I searched “squash cordial”) produced flavors including orange, orange barley, apple and blackcurrant, blackcurrant, raspberry, orange and pineapple, lemon and barley, pomegranate and elderflower, fruit flavor.  They all sound delicious and refreshing, so I will work my way through to find a favorite.

If you are tired of sodas but don’t mind a bit of sugar, a squash or cordial may be perfect for you.  It is light and refreshing and, depending on how much water you add, can be lower in sugar content than a soda.

Why not give it a try!

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