When’s the Next Party?

The magnolia tree is to the right of the courthouse.

So, as we all can agree, Sulphur Springs is really the prettiest town in Texas.  We have historic, modern, arts, sports, shopping and gourmet food all rolled up together under a 100 year old magnolia tree that is holding her own against the J. Riely Gordon designed courthouse right next door.

Throughout Sulphur Springs’ history, we have shown that we know how to party!  Like the time in 1986 that we kicked off the Texas sesquicentennial wagon train around the state.  Or in 2004 when we celebrated our city’s own sesquicentennial.  Or every Summer when we celebrate July 4th like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting…full orchestra and fireworks included (thank you Sulphur Springs Symphony League!)!  This year, due to COVID concerns and the public’s safety, the concert and fireworks have been moved to September 5.

Some of my local books and ephemera gathered together.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today as I glanced over to my Sulphur Springs bookshelf in one of my prop bookcases (read more about them here).  My small collection of books and ephemera from Hopkins County caught my eye.

I look forward to a post-COVID celebration.  I think that will be just what the doctor ordered to cure us of cabin fever, Spring fever, and whatever else ails us!

In the meantime, I will (alone) enjoy my mementoes of celebrations past.  One of my most prized possessions is the  book, “Taste, Tales and Traditions: 150 Years in Sulphur Springs.”  I was lucky enough to have a sweet local lady give me a copy!  Thank you again, Tracy!

The book is absolutely fabulous!  Beautiful photography, great copy, and amazing recipes come together to share the story of Sulphur Springs.  It really makes you long for the good ole times.  No deadlines or the Internet.  Just good old fashioned gatherings, annual celebrations, and community events.  A cool breeze on a porch in the springtime or a cold glass of tea on the lawn under an oak tree.

Reading the book I realized that I will be 86 years old for the Sulphur Springs bicentennial celebration!   I also realized that a lot has changed in our community since the book’s publication in 2004.  So, I vote that we celebrate our quartoseptcentennial (that’s 175 years for folks like me who can’t say that many syllables in one word).  We have 9 years to create the party of the century!  Who’s with me?

Archie is with me! He is always with me and ready for a party. He looks adorable with his long, COVID fur.

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