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The before…a back office for a bank.

I thought it might be fun to share the home for At Home.  This is the office where (sometimes) I work.  My husband also offices in the suite, and we share a conference room.

The after. Just a bit of paint, the addition of stone and cedar, and getting rid of the outdated zig-zag trim.

I do want to say a big thank you to Gonzalo Mejia and  Brittany Fisher.  Gonzalo was our contractor who saw our vision and could figure out my drawings.  And Brittany for styling the reception area, conference room, and hanging all the wallhangings.  She did a fabulous job, as usual.

An additional closet in my husband’s office. We converted a 3 room, 2 bath office into a 4 room, 2 bath office with additional storage, and a kitchenette.
This was the window where lead-footed folks paid their speeding tickets. It was converted to a plate glass window (not this one) that gives me light and a view to the front door.
My husband’s office was added and he got a window (not this one and not this high) as well so that he could see the front door.
Pardon the mess. Just keeping it real! I work here, so the mess may always be here. Anyway, this is my office.

I actually styled my office hutch.  It used to be a stained built-in buffet in my house (which my parents built in the ’80s).   During the great reno of 2018, it was removed and replaced with a shallower built-in buffet.  With a bit of paint, and cutting it down a smidge, it became the perfect hutch for my office.  It hides lots of useless things that aren’t pretty in the cabinet below and shows off lots of pretty things above.  Best of all, I didn’t have to buy anything to go inside!  The milk glass pieces were all in a pile to be donated or sold at a garage sale.

This photo from provided color and concept inspiration to my office, though I went with an antique/traditional spin.

The photo above was part of my inspiration for the colors I used in my office.  I love the photo!  I did find a very similar desk on AFTER I had purchased the barley twist.  But, I love barley twist, so it all worked out fine!  And I met a really nice couple that was from Sulphur Springs, so it was meant to be.


The little green metal Christmas tree is not there year-round. I used a photo from Christmas time. Along with the umbrellas in the blue and white umbrella stand is my dad’s cattle brand. He always used 2P for his two Price daughters.

The reception area was inspired by Mike’s love of blue and boats as well as the green velvet chair that I purchased at a consignment shop in Dallas.

Inspiration for the wood wall that covers a wall in the entry as well as a wall in Mike’s office.
This was the other part of the inspiration for the reception area color scheme.

Then I found a page in a Grandinroad catalog that brought it all together with the rug, green sofa table, plaid throw, and green throw pillow.  I added in their navy storage stools (which can double as a coffee table, if needed).  Brittany brought in the blue and white porcelain, and I love it!

The kitchen area which we added.
The shelves are a bit like something for a bride’s luck…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

The boat artwork in the room all came from eBay!  I like the way it all mixes together and just works.

If you are reading, Colin, do you spot the Bernard Dufour painting?

In the conference room, Brittany hung the black and white Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County artwork that I had.  I really like the monochromatic look!

This map of this city included my old company, Professional Land Title. I like the juxtaposition of antique and modern.
Brittany did a great job with the wall hangings. This is the back wall in the conference room.
We found the original of this photo in the barn. I think it is a photo of my granddad (Lawrence side of the family) and other men working in a cotton field in Hopkins County.

I hope you like it too!

P.S. – For those of you who are trying to pay your speeding tickets…this is not the place.  Even if the ticket says to pay it here, you have to go to City Hall (the old post office turned library turned city hall) at 125 S. Davis.  My husband keeps threatening to accept your payment!

P.P.S. – I had the suite perfectly clean for my husband to host the Lone Star Summit for his work team for a couple of days.  Then I had to get all my files out of my old office, so it got junked up.  That is why you really don’t get to see all of the conference room.  A few several boxes are currently piled in the corner of the room waiting to be scanned!

P.P.P.S. – I guess I am a sucker for punishment.  As I was looking for before photos of the office (there were none), I realized I have been building or renovating something since 2008.  But I like it!!!

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