Do Other People Have Projects?

My craft room is not quite this bad!

Most days I am drowning in projects.  Some of my projects sit around so long that they are no longer necessary projects, like slipcovering a couch.  Fabric purchased, but cover never made.  Then, I change where I want to use the couch, and it gets a professional reupholstering.  Win!

Since I am a list maker, I have a long list (or several) of projects that I need or want to do.  I have an entire notebook devoted to sewing and quilting projects.  I am so glad my nephew’s quilt got marked off that list.  To see photos of the lovely, finished quilt, click here.

Learning to screen print has been on my to do list for a long time.  I guess I have a lot to say on a t-shirt!  I finally bought a kit about a year ago.  I have watched YouTube videos, read the little booklet that came with the kit, and daydreamed.  This week I took the contents of the box out and spread it on my project table.  I even selected the blank I want to print on.  Blank is the code word for the medium on which you will be printing such as paper, t-shirt, book bag, etc.  That is pretty much the extent of my screen printing knowledge!

I know exactly what I want to print as well.  But there is something about the first attempt that seems daunting.  I have no clue why.  I should realize that if I mess up, so what?!?  Anyway, I am tired of looking at the contents, so I am about to bundle it all back up and send it to the closet of the craft room.  Screen printing is destined to stay on my to-do list…at least for now.

So, am I alone with the overwhelming list of projects?  I see posts of rooms on Facebook or Instagram, and they are perfect.  No stacks of books to be read or clothes to be mended.  No dirty dishes to be washed or dry dishes that need a ladder to go back to their home on a top shelf.  No post-its on the bathroom mirror to remind them to pick up dry cleaning.  I mean, I get that they don’t want to show that sort of stuff, but if I hid my to-do lists, I would not find them, and then I wouldn’t accomplish anything that needs doing.

Several years ago, during Oprah’s show, she went around to meet her neighbors, with the cameraman in tow.  One nice couple she met had the most immaculate apartment.  She even commented as to where their stuff was located.  As I recall, there wasn’t even a magazine on the coffee table.  The entire place was perfectly staged for a photoshoot.  Supposedly Oprah’s visit was a surprise. This has stuck in my mind all these years.  What do these people do all day?  Nothing to read; nothing to mend; nothing to fix; nothing to fold and put away.

So maybe the Instagram stars aren’t real people or maybe they have a junk room just out of the view of the camera, but what about real people, leading real lives?  Do people have projects?  Please tell me that I am not alone!

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