Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

Image by Jackie Williamson from Pixabay.

Memorial Day is a wonderful day to gather in the sunshine (a girl can hope, can’t she) with family, friends, flies, and ants.  Throw in a hamburger hot off the grill, and it is truly a celebration!

Like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays, sometimes we forget the reason for the day.  Memorial Day is the day in the US that we honor our fallen service members.   For much of the country, it began as far back as 1868 when Decoration Day honored those who died in the Civil War.  In 1971, the federal government proclaimed the third Monday in May as Memorial Day as part of the National Holiday Act.

Today, through prayer, thought, or deed, may we all remember to honor the memory of our servicemen and servicewomen who died while protecting our country.

How will you be spending Memorial Day this year?  However you choose to spend the day, I hope you enjoy it.

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