My Summer Wardrobe

Happy Summer! I am more excited than ever to get out and about, as I imagine most of the world is as well. Getting a Dairy Queen ice cream cone on a Saturday night is probably going to be met with longer lines than normal. If you are unfamiliar with small towns in America, this is what we do for fun on a Saturday night!

I am going to be cautious when I venture out. I plan to still wear a mask and use hand sanitizer; I will probably continue to only go out when necessary. So much of my “out’ will be in the yard and garden.

However, I am dying to get a new wardrobe and shake off the loungewear trend of COVID. Honestly, I welcome wearing a mask more than I welcome wearing Lycra or loungewear. I want to fill my closet with tailored jackets; wide legged, ankle length pants; and flowy, flowery dresses! Give me some heels, and I will dance the night away (in my own backyard, of course)! I hope I never feel or see loungewear on my body again (unless I am actually lounging in bed, but even then, wouldn’t silk feel better?).

I really feel that part of the funk we have all been feeling is due to our presentation…if only for ourselves. I started wearing make-up every day a couple of months ago. And yesterday I put on jeans, boots, a tucked in shirt, belt, and a blazer! I even wore a necklace! I tried to look like a French lady doing her best casual chic. It probably lost a lot in translation, but I felt good about myself. It felt like my day had a reason and a purpose.

Loungewear, which can be worn to bed or the at-home-office, provides a seamless transition between day and night. But it also blurs the lines of day and night, which means why not lie in bed all day? Who needs to get up and accomplish anything?

Well, I do! My make-up and clothing choices have allowed me to dive into the final weeding frontier at my house. I am sorting, shredding, and trashing stuff like no one’s business!

Maybe even a little treat for the wardrobe is just what you need! Since I rarely leave my house, I haven’t been buying many clothes and accessories. That too has made me sad. I love clothes and shoes and purses! Surely one new outfit would be a good thing!

Next week I will probably wear a few dresses to work on the home clutter. It will make me feel good and is just as comfortable (if not more) as active leisurewear. And if I need to run to town, I will look nice as opposed to that just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

If you are in a slump, whether you work outside the home or not, I would highly recommend getting up, getting dressed, and getting made-up for a productive day at home or away. Eschew spandex and Lycra! Go for some structure in your wardrobe and your day! This is good for the soul and the psyche. Come on folks! Who is with me???

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