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Rechargeable hand fan.

As a Texan, I have lived my entire life hot and sweaty.  I have no idea how my parents and grandparents survived living in homes with no central air conditioning or window units.  To combat the heat, I often carry this cute little fan with me.  It is rechargeable, small, affordable and adorable.  Just to have a breeze on my face can save me from melting.

I had this in my purse last weekend when we went to the movie theatre.  Strangely, it was warm in the theater.  Although I had a wrap with me, it was the hand fan that saved the day.  I also turn it on my face when I am on the treadmill or put it by my make-up mirror to keep me cool when getting dressed.  I am not sure I could survive without it.

Is it a beauty item?  For a lady in Texas, it most certainly is a beauty tool!

Face Halos

Let me sum it up for you:  One time use beauty items, such as cotton balls and pad and face wipes, are out.  Reusable make-up removers are in!  Amazon has a bevy from which you may choose.  Many of these items can be used with or without products to remove your make-up.  I have tried several and will link them all below.

Reusable cotton rounds.

Do reusable make-up rounds and cloths save you money?  Yes!  Do they work just as well?  Better!  And you really don’t need as many as you think.  I have given several away just because I ended up with more than I could ever use.  They may get stained, but who really cares?  I rinse them after each use.  At the end of the week, I wash my used cloths and pads in the washing machine when I do my towels.

Blika Basics.


My favorites are Face Halos and Blika Basics.  They are softer and more substantial (they don’t fold up when using).  The Wonder Cloths are good as well.  I am not as big a fan of the Make Up Erasers or similar brands that are flannel-type cloths.  The reusable bamboo and cotton rounds are good, but they don’t keep their shape as they are used.   Their floppiness can get in the way when using a product and moving around your face.

Pure lanolin.


I have mentioned this before, but this stuff is the absolute best lip moisturizer, soother, and gloss in the world.  And it is probably the cheapest as well.  You get a large tub (7 fl oz) for around $10 if you click the box for the 15% discount.  I wear this every day and every night.  I took a sandwich bag with a scoop to Missouri so I would have it when we travel.  I have a small, Carmex size jar, that I keep some in my bathroom drawer.  I purchased a tub in March 2020, and there is still 3/4 of the jar left.  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this.

If you don’t want to put your finger in the jar to apply it to your lips each time, then get a retractable lip brush and/or put some Lanolin in a small jar and work from it.  This is a clear product so it doesn’t provide any color to your lips; it does create a shine.  It is comparable in features and feel to Lanolips, but it is much cheaper.

I have also used this on dry spots like cuticles and elbows, and it works!

Activated Charcoal for teeth whitening.

Charcoal as a means of whitening teeth is making its way into the mainstream.  You will see it in toothpaste as well as offered as a powder.  It will feel kind of weird at first, but after you get used to it, it isn’t bad.  I did not notice any strange flavor.  Of course, the product is mildly abrasive which is what helps it to whiten your teeth.  After I brushed, I brushed again with Hello Toothpaste just to get any remaining charcoal out from between my teeth.

If you splatter toothpaste when you brush, you will want to keep your head over the sink and possibly wear a towel around your front.  Even if you think you don’t splatter, there will be no denying it after you brush with this!

Although I have no way to know for sure, after the first brushing with the charcoal, I did feel like my teeth looked whiter.  I definitely know they felt cleaner!

Paula’s Choice moisturizer.

Have you tried Paula’s Choice?  If not, I think you, and your skin, might like it!  This moisturizer contains ceramides and antioxidants along with omega fatty acids.  It is a rich creamy texture that is not too greasy, nor too watery.  It can be used on the face and neck once or twice a day.  It is fragrance and dye free and not tested on animals.   It costs $35 for 1.7 oz, so a fair price point for such a good product.

If you aren’t already using a product that provides ceramides, antioxidants and omega fatty acids, then this is a good choice for you.  But, if you have other skin needs, then check out their full line of great products.  Seriously, this is a brand that is more about quality products that work rather than smell good, feel good types that don’t make real improvements in your skin.

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